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I have made a booking, what comes next?

If you are not already in possesion of a suitable bike, SWISS TOURER and most bike shops sell bicycles specifically matched to cycle touring or bike packing. We encourage customers to bring and use their own bicycle for longer trips, so after the time you spend with us all settings on he bicycle will be conserved. 


Often taking a bike on public transport or flights is relatively easy, cheaper and most of time the rider feels much more comfortable than on a rental bike.


Choosing your bike


If you don't purchase a bike at SWISS TOURER, we recommend you to talk to a dealer that specializes, or is at least familiar with cycle touring. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on your bicycle.

You can read more about how to choose a touring bike.


Reserving your flight


Taking a flight with a bicycle as checked in luggage shouldn't hold people off – it just means a little more research and preparation is needed. The most important is to check the baggage rules and fees with your travel agent or on the airlines website; in the latter case we recommend to double check by calling their office. If you are taking one of our 3 DAY COURSES, we include advice on airline choice from our experiences, especially regarding the ones with “bicycle friendly rules".


Packing your bike


If this will be the first time you are preparing your bicycle for transport, its best to seek advice from a bike shop; most of them can even pack it for you. SWISS TOURER can also provide you with simple and comprehensive instructions on how to do this yourself. On all airlines bikes will need to be packed in a bag or a box. We recommend the latter as it offers more protection. Please consider if you want to use a simple one way cardboard bike box which is often free of costs or purchase a multiple use article.

In trains or buses a bag should be sufficient; for a fee in many countries it can even be checked in without being packed.



What gear to take


Gear or packing lists can change from trip to trip, as the climate, geography and country dictates to requirements. We find our luggage is constantly evolving as we discover a new items or reject others, of course there are some core items that are constant for each trip.

On booking a course or assisted touring with SWISS TOURER we will provide you with our packing list, suggesting options for different climates, counties and ways to cycle tour.


At the airport


So far we have found airlines operate on the same system; your entire luggage will be weighed at the check in desk and then the bicycle box needs to be taken to the bulk/oversized luggage counter. It's useful to print out the baggage rules and have a copy with you on check in to avoid any discrepancies.


Course outline


Below is a basic schedule for the what happens during each day of the course, (a more detailed program will be provided when a booking is made). These are for rough guidance only and may be altered slightly to take into consideration the weather.


Basic Schedule of a  day course. (2 and 1 day courses have a similar schedule, covering less topics).




Welcome of all participants; introduction to SWISS TOURER, assembly of bicycles; individual settings and tiding up bike crates, most common repairs and maintenance of bikes.


Day 2:


Group ride along. Fine tuning of bike adjustments, First Aid, Navigation, Smart phone use, bike computer & heart monitor, riding techniques, nutrition, improvement of physical condition, makeshift repairs, cultural awareness, potential risks such as crime or accidents, camping.


Day 3:


Group ride along. Practical application and exercise of previously acquired knowledge; remedy of eventual problems that may occur, fun quiz, time to focus and train weaknesses, eventual questions, final meeting.


If something is unclear or you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we love to help!



Traveling with a bicycle
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